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My daughter is a soprano who spent last summer at Tanglewood and came home very determined to pursue vocal performance. On three different occasions we happened to be traveling to a city with a college she is very interested in but in all three cases I emailed the faculty to request a trial lesson and none of them answered. The college websites all stated that was how to set up a trial lesson but the faculty does not answer those emails. Any suggestions ?Is this a common problem?Look at the application and audition requirements at schools you think you might want to attend. Talk with your current teacher to get their input on what you can do to be ready for auditions next year. We highly recommend that you take a summer music performance program to get as much practice and performance experience as possible. Early in your senior year, contact the admission office at one or more of the schools you are interested in applying to, and ask for a lesson from the piano faculty. Be sure to ask for feedback from the professor about whether you have what it takes to audition successfully. Hi!I’m finishing my sophomore year in high school and have recently decided I want to major in music. I’ve been playing piano for over 10 years and love music, but now I’m realizing it’s what I want to continue doing with my life. I also play oboe, and have been taking private lessons for a few months.

However, you should be rocking out on the piano before too long.

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With the skills and abilities developed over years and years, she got a valuable chance to perform in Saint Saens?s piano concerto in a large scale concert held in Xinghai concert hall when she was 17.

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